About Us

Created Whole is a company comprised of individuals that believe in respecting ourselves, our planet, and our environment.  Our business is founded on principles of honesty, transparency, and generosity.  We just happen to be in the food manufacturing industry, creating amazing tasting, unique, and healthy foods, one of which is “The Best Tortilla.”

It’s Just Who We Are

We respect ourselves by living a healthy lifestyle; nutritionally, physically, and spiritually.

We respect our planet through reducing our carbon footprint and through the involvement and organization of green business practices.

We respect our environment by celebrating individuality and treating our closest community, our employees, as our most important asset.

How We Live

We will be honest.

As individuals, and as a business, we will be honest with our customers and our employees.

We will be transparent

Ask your first grader to read our ingredient list.  It’s as simple as that.

We will be generous.

Not everyone in this world has been granted the same opportunities.  We are blessed to have been given a platform to reach others, and we would be dishonoring our world to hold what we have just for ourselves.  We purpose to do our best to touch, enrich, and impact our communities.

How Did This Happen?

The idea for Created Whole did not develop out of a place of comfort and ease in our lives.  Change is never comfortable, and most often, there must be enough dissatisfaction for a person to actively pursue another direction.  Created Whole was thought out of a wish, was talked out of frustration, and has been acted out in faith.

Over 30 years ago, our healthful, vegan lifestyle instilled in us the desire to start a food manufacturing company that would better people’s lives.  Over 4 years ago, our frustrations with our jobs, uncertainties about our futures, paired with the deep conviction that we needed to give more to people, led to unending talks around the supper table.  These talks focused on the idea of a tortilla.  Together as a family, we were challenged to face our personal struggles, learn how to let go of our fears of failing, and become a cohesive team.  In 2011, we took the step and made Created Whole our full-time ad-VENTURE:).

And so, we’ve started with a tortilla.

Our company has developed a proprietary manufacturing process that preserves over 95% of the flavor, nutrition and fiber that is normally destroyed in traditional tortilla processing.  We use a unique wheat that is particularly adapted for tortilla production that creates the softest completely 100% whole wheat tortilla you will find anywhere.  This unique combination of  exclusive ingredients and proprietary manufacturing process makes the softest, best tasting and most nutritious tortilla available.

This blog is a look into the day-to-day of a family that decides it’s a good idea to start a natural foods company.  Enjoy the recipes you may find and the words that you read.  And most of all enjoy The Best Tortilla

Before The Family Business

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