Rave Reviews

…”Your tortillas are not “A+” they are “A++”. David S., CA

  • “They were by far the best tortillas we’ve ever tasted!! Our daughter skipped the blueberry pancakes, and ate only the tortillas! Rock on!” Steve M., CA
  • “These are REALLY good! I cannot believe how soft they are for a whole wheat tortilla. It is unbelievable!” Karen, CA
  • “I like them because they don’t stick together like so many tortillas do.” Janice B., CA
  • “We are really excited about this product, I think you really have something here.” Store manager, CA
  • “They are better than any homemade tortilla that I have ever tasted. All my family wants these tortillas.” Estella R., CA
  • “Your family’s tortillas are AMAZING. I admit,
    I was a bit skeptical…I’ve had whole wheat tortillas before, and
    they taste more like cardboard. But your family’s tortillas are
    SOOOOOOOOO GOOD! I’ve been making breakfast burritos every morning
    (tortilla heated in a skillet, egg, turkey bacon and cheese…yum!).” -Lucy, Redondo Beach, CA

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