Tortilla Factory Updates

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Here are more up-to-date pictures from the work being done on the factory.

We recently purchased a dough divider that is being shipped from Connecticut. We hope to move the tortilla machine into the space within the next couple of weeks. The goal was to have production going by now, so that Nature’s Food Market & Juice Bar would be able to make their Raw Pumpkin Cheesecakes for Thanksgiving. But, if you contact Wendy at the Market, you may be able to place a special order.

Tim (Created Whole) and Chuck (Nature’s Food Market) have been hard at work everyday getting the place up to health code. If you refer back to a few blog posts ago, you will see what the space looked like a month ago.

In a few weeks we will post before and after pictures.

Our dream is happening!


Created Whole Tortilla Factory Press Release

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Click on the following link to see the press release that was created for the opening of the factory.  All of the personal contact information has been removed for privacy purposes.

Press Release Created Whole Foods

Created Whole Tortilla Factory


Lots of work has been happening on our tortilla factory that is set to open November 1st.  YEE-HAW!! We are FINALLY going to have our own facility and we are stoked! We are really exited to be working closely with Nature’s Food Market and Juice Bar, and Created Whole will share the office, warehouse, and kitchen space of the building with them.  Owners, Chuck and Wendy will be making raw, vegan, foods, one of which will be raw vegan cheesecakes that will be available for retail sale in more locations.  Not only will this be a tortilla factory and kitchen, there are plans to involve the Bakersfield community through health education classes.  Did we mention how excited we are?

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Traveling Nutrition Challenges or Creativity? You Choose!

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Traveling puts a new perspective on the day to day. Along with new sites, meeting new people, and maybe dealing with language and culture differences, one has to face different habits and practices when it comes to food and eating. Out of the entire month of March, I’ve spent all of 2 nights at my apartment (I just cringe when I think of that fact and my LA rent…ughhh). But, the lack of time in LA, has lent itself to the adventures of 10 days in Italy, and I’m currently finishing up a 19 day work assignment in Rockford/Chicago, Illinois.

When it comes to your nutrition, living out of a hotel, hostel, or spending an entire day on an airplane or wandering airports, creates either challenges or lends a hand to a creativity, depending on how you want to look at it. Sometimes healthy options are not readily available, and you are forced to make the best choice that you can, or you must give yourself full permission to embrace the experience.When you are constantly on the go, it’s hard to plan ahead with your meals, but there are some simple things that you can do, that will save you time, money, and the headache of finding yourself starving, and nothing available to eat.

Here are some tips for when you are on-the-go:

  • Pack raw almonds in your carry-on bag. Protein and healthy fats keep you satisfied.
  • LaraBars are awesome; easy to pack, all raw, and contain lots of fiber.
  • Drink water! It’s soooo easy to let yourself get dehydrated when traveling. Take an empty Klean Kanteen with you through security and fill it up on the other side. You save money and help reduce environmental impact.
  • Eat as balanced as possible when you are traveling. You feel more jet lagged and tired when you are just grabbing candy and sweets.
  • And probably the best tip, and I’m serious when I say this because I’ve learned from experience; Tortillas are awesome to have in your bag when you travel! It’s so much better than the Kraft packaged snacks that Southwest dishes out or the snack packs that you pay a pretty penny for. Take Justin’s individually packaged Nut Butter’s with you or individually packaged hummus, or of course, I just eat tortillas straight. When you leave for the airport, take your tortillas out of the freezer, and when you eventually reach your destination, just put them back in the fridge…that’s if there are any left after that 10 hour flight:)

Tortillas took a trip to Whistler, B.C.

Best Mountain Snack EVER!

Why don’t you sample with Salsa?

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>We have had some customers ask or wonder why we do not sample our Create Whole Tortillas with some great tasting filling like salsa, humus, scrambled eggs or tofu.

Well… During our testing we found that even a horribly bad tasting tortilla is acceptable if you cover the flavor with a good enough filling. Sure our tortillas are fantastic with scrambled tofu, salsa or humus, but when we go head to head with nothing but the tortilla taste as the standard of comparison it is a more accurate test of quality.

There is one other issue about sampling. What filling will we use? Some might not like the sample because of the ingredients we have chosen. By sampling just the tortilla we have a better chance of gaining the customers confidence of our quality product.

Created Whole Tortillas… the original “eat it straight” tortilla.

Supply = Demand

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>I was never a fan of college economics class. There’s the supply and demand models, something about elasticity and price, and yada, yada, yada. The concepts are vaguely familiar, but if you asked me to teach a class on the subject, my poor pupil would very likely receive an F. (For the record, my final grade was something like a B+ or A-, but unfortunately, grades are neither an indication of understanding nor future success.)

Not that I understand the exact terminology of what Created Whole is experiencing, but it’s somewhere between a slow, but steady increasing demand, paired with an inconsistent and flat lined production level. Even I know that doesn’t equal.

Sometimes I think people get the idea that we are a big company, manufacture a lot of tortillas, have a great distribution network, and increasing vendor agreements. To put the record straight: We make tortillas at a SMALL tortilleria in Wasco, CA at about 55 dozen each production run. How much we can produce is limited to the schedule at the tortilleria, and we only make tortillas when inventory is low to gone. Our cost per dozen tortillas is what I term, “Pretty astronomical,” and we, those directly involved, are not making an income yet. We can be thankful that the business is not in debt up to this point.

Created Whole Tortillas are in a store (as in one), in Bakersfield, CA, one store store in Culver City, available online at, and the tasty round goodness shows up weekly at the Redondo Beach Farmer’s Market where 12-26 dozen “fly” off the shelves (I say “fly” with an edge of sarcasm). If we only focused on our overall sales, we would pack our wheat, throw out the other 3 ingredients, and say “there’s no point to this.” But, we see the potential in the market and the potential of our product thanks to our customers. The “good jobs” and “keep making these tortillas” and “I hope you guys do really well” reminds us of what we have and why we are in business. (Seriously, thank you guys for the encouragement). We are also reminded everytime we bite into a Created Whole Tortilla. Just this morning for breakfast I was eating a tortilla straight up, and said, “Wow Dad! How did you make such a GREAT tortilla?”

Tortillas are beginning to fly with Allegiant flight crews. Everyday of work last week I toted tortillas in my rollerboard. 15 dozen tortillas went to various airline employees this week. Tortillas are now a favorite for “Crew Breakfast”. Crew Breakfast consists of peanut-buttering up a tortilla, add a sprinkle of chocolate chips, pop it in the aircraft oven, and add banana slices after heated. The smell of hot and fresh tortillas wafts through the galley and flight deck, taunting the passengers while poor-thems crunch through cardboard box snackpacks. (Oh the benefits of being a stew.)

Another Crew Breakfast

As demand increases, our big question is, “Are we going to have enough tortillas?” Currently, we are exploring new options for production. Once we have a consistent production level, we will be able to approach establishments like Whole Foods and Chipotle. From consumer comments, we see that demand is there. One diehard fan wanted to take his Created Whole Tortillas into the restaurant and eat them instead of the tortillas that came with his fish taco dinner. That’s what we love to hear:) Keep eating!

Blueberry Buzz

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This week at Farmer’s Market, we added something new; Vegan Raw Cheesecake. The flavor of the week was White Chocolate Blueberry, made by Wendy Naus, owner of Nature’s Market & Juice Bar, and masterful creator of all kinds of vegan raw delicacies.

We have been introducing new items at farmer’s market, not because are tortillas aren’t selling, but because the compliment products actually improve our overall appeal. It definately creates more buzz around the Created Whole booth.

We also have been putting up more signs. This week, we needed to a sign for the cheesecake. Brenda created a masterpiece in her painting studio, aka, the trunk of the toyota corolla. Here are some pictures and a short video of the experience.

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