What’s your common response when someone asks you, “How are you doing?” I would venture to guess, nine times out of ten, you answer, “Good!” even when life is far from that description.  Besides that, people don’t really expect anything more than a one word response, and time constraints don’t lend themselves to any explanations of what’s really going down.  As people, do we even know how we are doing?  We are so out of touch, overworked, stressed out, drinking to numb, wanting to run, that we don’t even know how to answer that question, and we probably don’t want to know the answer because then we’ll have to face it.

So what is really go on?

People show continued interest in the tortilla business and ask what’s happening and how things are going.  My usual response includes shoulder shrugs, a series of head tilts, and a long drawn out “weelllll, ummmm…it’s good?” (and yes, that question mark is supposed to be there).  Good is not a useful or appropriate descriptor in most cases, and definitely not in this one.  The truth? How bout FRUSTRATING!!!! If we bought our own equipment March 1st, why are we still waiting on a location for our factory?  If it wasn’t obvious, having a tortilla to sell is a crucial part of a tortilla business and with the limbo of production, between outsourcing and setting up our own factory, every other aspect of the business like marketing, sales, and growth is on pause, and the more time that drags on, it seems more indefinite.

If this is really where we believe God is leading us, than why is NOTHING happening?

How often do we ask that about God and our own personal lives?  If God is part of my life, why am I still “stuck?”  Why am I being challenged and faced with “this?”  What is He doing?

I woke up this morning with a distinct thought.  What if it’s not about tortillas?  What if there is something we can learn through this period in our business and our lives?  What if it’s about us, us as people leading this business, and our inability to completely trust?  What if God is waiting for us to completely let go of our personal safety nets?  What if it’s not about warehouses and tortilla machines?  What if He is trying to teach all of us that what we use in our lives to replace trusting in Him limits His ability to bless us?

What if it’s really about faith?  Faith that God is who He said He is and will do what He has promised.  He said He loves us and wants to give us what we ask for (Matthew 7:11).  He said He is with us and will lead us (Genesis 28:15, Psalm 23).  We say we believe Him, but do we really live like it?

Rob Bell so simply writes, “Everything is Spiritual.” We are all spiritual beings searching for our path and purpose.  Everything that we do reflects something within us that yearns for deeper meaning.  So, it’s not just about tortilla machines and warehouses, package design and websites.  It may just be about letting go of our safety nets, having faith, while working our tails off to make things happen (Proverbs 6:6-10).