I’m on the home stretch of 19 days of flying and living in Rockford, Illinois. This temporary home and work was preceded by 10 days off adventuring through Italy.

Hello Work Life. Living life near Chicago

Travel Fun and The Duomo. Florence, Italy

Besides the obvious of being located on another continent and conversing in a different languages, the cultural and daily aspects of life also contrast. In Italy, and all of Europe, walking is as normal as breathing. In Rockford, Illinois, sidewalks are basically non-existent, and it’s typical to ask the hotel driver to take the other stews and I across the intersection to Starbucks.

Walking through the canals of Venice somewhat lost


That brings me to another point. As Starbucks is creating the “Trenta,” a coffee cup that holds 31 ounces of liquid, while Europeans are quite content where the size of a cappuccino in there world is about 5 fluid ounces. And, if you order that standard cafe to go, it will arrive in something similar to a dixie cup. I usually do not drink coffee in the states because I don’t care for the caffeine crash and the coffee chemicals generally give me a tummy ache. I experienced nothing of the sort in Italy, and cappuccinos were more than once on the trip a highlight of my day. After returning from Italy, I’ve unsuccessfully tried to re-inact this morning experience. Coffee just doesn’t come in any less than 12 ounces and the flavor is horrid.

The Size of A Trenta And Your Stomach
Morning Cappuccino in Venice, Italy
Why do Americans automatically assume bigger is better?

Bigger is noted every time the girls and I go to various Rockford restaurants. One entree order is usually enough to feed a family of 4. Is that really necessary? This either creates a lot of waste or a lot of waist. I think we most often see the second, which is paired with the health challenges and complications of diabetes, heart attacks, and a lower quality of life.
Fast-food isn’t fast in Europe. The culture enjoys life. Italians enjoy their food, their wine, and their gelato. Life isn’t necessarily a slower place, but the culture savors the moments. Statistics have shown that the more often people eat on the go, in their cars, or distracted, the more likely they will be overweight.
Americans need to take note of our European friends. Walking won’t kill us. Trenta’s might. And slowdown! When was the last time you enjoyed a dinner with your family, sitting down without the TV on?