With his contagious laughter and “kid-at-heart” personality, he’s more than just fun to be around. He can be an all out riot! He’s easy going, but far from lazy. He’s sharp and determined, displays strong character and kindness in all that he does and pursues. He’s the owner. He’s the tortilla recipe master. He’s Tim Mulder.

Tim Mulder is a professional pilot, lover of the outdoors, and a health enthusiast. Before he was old enough to drive a pickup truck, he was driving a large wheat harvester in the dusty wheat fields of the San Joaquin Valley. Early on in his married life, Tim became captivated by a study of the ancient scriptures and the health secrets found in them. Combining this study and the science of health he began living and sharing what he discovered.

Convinced that if people would live more closely to the way God made the foods found in nature, he dreamed of one day creating a food company that lived and practiced in their manufacturing methods the health principles that he found to be true and that he practiced in his own life. With the abundant refining of grains and cereals in the American diet, he was sure that manufacturers needed to reduce the use of preservatives and the refining of wheat.

“For years I felt a need and urge to manufacture food the way you would if health were your primary value instead of shelf-life or simply profit,” Tim explains. With this in mind, he dreamed of creating his own food manufacturing company. So, with the encouragement of his wife Brenda, daughter Kara, and son Bryan, Tim began tinkering in the family’s kitchen, perfecting and scaling the whole wheat tortilla recipe that he had been making in his own home for over 25 years. A simple, yet nutritious recipe became “Created Whole”. Tim’s dream of becoming an industry leader in freshly manufactured food products began moving towards reality. The journey is only beginning, and Tim believes that someday, through Created Whole, he and his family will be able to touch many peoples’ lives with the truths of health in countries all around the world.

Tim’s life is more than just tortillas. He also enjoys working in his garden and tending to his orchard of fruit trees, and recently became a certified grower, which enables him to sell produce at farmer’s markets. He loves to backpack, windsurf, play tennis, hang glide, and spend time with his wife Brenda. He’s an amazing man, an amazing husband, and an amazing father. As the CEO of Created Whole, this company is in good hands!