>Social media has given marketers and businesses a whole new way to quickly and quite effectively reach an audience that, frankly, doesn’t have the time or interest to be reached. When we started Created Whole, we put up the website, made a Facebook page, began this blog, and shortly after, began Tweeting on Twitter. The website definitely needs help, but it does what we need it to do for now, which is directing customers to a place where they can place orders and contact us. Facebook has been an instrumental way for people to find us if they search for Created Whole Tortillas in the Google search engine. The blog is a way for us to give you more of an inside look at what is going on, as well as being one more platform of introducing people to “the best tasting tortilla.”

But, what I am raving about right now is Twitter. Twitter is such an interesting and unique social media platform. It’s a way to tell the world what is happening right now. Twitter lets you know what your favorite celebrity, gourmet food truck, or friend is doing at that moment. It’s a way to have quick conversations with complete strangers. I started a tweeting for Created Whole Tortillas (follow us @BestTortilla). Without fully understanding how twitter could be used as a marketing tool, I purchased a book to help. Right now, I pretty much think twitter is the best thing ever! It’s not only effective, quick, and easy, but also fun. Because of twitter, we have been able to connect with people on a much shorter timetable and in more of direct way. Instead of phone calls and leaving messages, or writing letters and never receiving a response, we’ve had success with an 140 character tweet. Recently, twitter has helped us get noticed. In our society where people can’t live without their blackberrys and they don’t have time to read billboards, let alone blogs, twitter is a very effective way to communicate.
So, start tweeting by going to twitter!!!
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