Tortillas eventually, or more like, initially enter most social conversations. It’s so hard not to talk about Created Whole for us, because this company is something that we are so passionate about.

Tortillas travel everywhere with us. A couple of weeks ago, the flight attendants of the family (Brenda and Kara), were grabbing lunch at Baja Fresh at LAX, and the young woman in line just happened to ask, “Do you ladies know if they have whole wheat tortillas?” Smiling, Kara says, “No they don’t, but I do,” while rapidly explaining about the tortilla business, and frantically trying to find a business card. Not having any business cards and only two tortillas left, she handed over the tortillas with the website written on a napkin. This business has comical moments to say the least.

Tim received a phone call last week from a woman who says she’s praying for us to get into Trader Joe’s and praying that we will be successful. She loves the tortillas. Stories like this have been happening for us everyday. From the random people we encounter, to our regular customers at farmer’s market, we need these affirmations.

This past week, Brenda was in Santa Barbara for work, and Tim was in Utah or somewhere, and Kara was enjoying the wonderful island of Oahu. Our lives are a little nutso. It’s a challenge to build a business when there isn’t someone dedicating all of their time to just tortillas. Three months ago, we set a goal that Tim would be our full-time employee by the end of the summer. We’ve needed him full-time for awhile, but he hasn’t wanted to let go of the security of his job. So, it’s the end of the summer.

Every time the three of us (Tim, Brenda, Kara) get together to talk about the future of tortillas, each one of us has a, “You’ll-never-guess-what-just-happened-to-me-story.” There some pretty exciting opportunities “in-the-works” right now that can’t be shared at this time on such a public forum, but the one thing I can say, is that things look good. There’s a lot to be done. So much so, that we had an intervention with Tim, and he’s done working for anyone but Created Whole.

Congratulate Tim on his new position as full-time Director of Operations/Production!