Have you ever heard people say, “I can’t eat that. Too many carbs.” We sometimes hear people say, “Sorry. I can’t try your tortillas. I’m not eating carbs.” A human body needs carbohydrates to run efficiently, and whole grains are a great source of energy.

The recommendation is to make one half of the day’s grains whole. Nearly nine out of ten Americans aren’t aren’t choosing whole grains often enough to meet the minimum recommendations. On average, Americans consume less than one serving per day. Even more astonishing is that four out of 10 Americans consume less than one whole grain product during two weeks of their usual eating habits. Consumers are showing a strong interest in whole grains and one survey revealed whole grains as one of the top three foods that respondents were likely to choose for their own health. Data also showed that four out of five people are trying to eat more whole grains and two out of three people are trying to reduce their refined grains intake.

According to Mintel, just last year, manufacturers launched more than 3,000 new products with a whole grain claim-to-fame. The largest growth areas are bakery, breakfast cereals, and snacks. Registered Dietitian, Tina Miller, states, “Carbohydrates are not the enemy; just choose them wisely.”

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