>Talked with a delightful woman at the Redondo Beach farmers market that had an interesting story to tell. We have developed a habit of presenting a platter full of tortilla samples for the passing shoppers perusing the market. After what I think was the second pass by the booth, she tried the sample. Based on that sample, she bought her first dozen.

The next week, she talked with Brenda at the booth and bought her second dozen of the famous Created Whole tortillas. This past Thursday, I was there for her third purchase, another 1 dozen tortillas. She says Created Whole tortillas are so good we eat the whole dozen in nearly one meal. She also said; “He [Tim] just stuck the samples “in my face”, so I had to try it. I love them!”

Sometimes a little “Holy” boldness is good for business!

Commit to a little boldness this week, and then share your own story!