A popular brand of tortilla on the market today claims on its package to be “The finest ever made!” Flour that has been stripped of almost everything needed for good health is sometimes referred to as “fine” flour or “refined” flour. Maybe Created Whole should call theirs the “coarsest” tortilla ever made. “Coarse” flour with all the vitamins, fiber and nutrients found in the whole wheat berry is definitely superior in taste, quality and health benefits.

Check these ingredients of the major Whole Wheat Flour tortilla brand manufactured by La Reina, Los Angeles, CA.

Ingredients: Whole wheat flour, water, soy bean oil, salt, baking powder (corn starch, sodium bicarbonate, sodium aluminum sulfate, monocalcium phosphate), Mono and Diglycerides, calicium propionate, and bicarbonate, guargum, and dough conditioner (L-Cysteine).

The ingredients in Created Whole Wheat Tortillas:
Wheat, water, oil, salt.

Fresh. Simple. No surprises.
The only “eat it straight” tortilla!