>Today marks the first anniversary of Created Whole Tortillas. May 1, 2009 was the first day that we made tortillas. It was so nerve racking because we didn’t know if the recipe would work on the machine, and in a larger scale, and also so exciting because we were finally seeing the product that we wanted so badly to come to market actually being made. I am realizing and believe that start-ups are a combination of the most rewarding and stressful ventures to be involved with. To be in business after a year is milestone. Hearing the positive customer feedback, receiving more online orders, getting into our first LA store, and a new farmer’s market that is starting in Bakersfield have been so encouraging. Encouragement that we, as business owners, have needed. The successes have come in between struggles.

Having full time jobs and also an “entrepreneurial baby” is often overwhelming, and would be impossible without the dedication of those directly involved. Tim and Brenda showed dedication once again this past week by waking up at 2am, and driving five hours from Vegas back to Shafter to set-up tortilla production. Lately, a lot of craziness like that is happening, but if that’s what it takes right now, that’s what we are going to do. It’s great to be able to say Happy 1st Birthday Baby Company. We’ll keep making our wishes and working to get there!