>Farmer’s Market is always adventurous. This week, I battled moderate LA traffic to make the drive to Shafter to pick up Tortillas, Pomegranate Juice, and Veggie Wraps (Thanks Nature’s Food Market). New fliers, organizing, errands, random here-and-there tasks…I have literally been two hours past departure time for the last two days. Good thing this isn’t an airline. I’d be fired by now. That being said, I did make it to Farmer’s Market on time.

Wednesdays before market are usually really busy and turn into a late night. Thursday morning comes bright and early; 5:30am. My morning exercise has turned into carrying ice chests up and down stairs and lifting them in and out of cars. The trusty little Toyota can sure fit a lot of stuff.

Someday, maybe we’ll invest in some tortilla transportation, but until then, airlines and mini-mobiles, and even bicycles are doing the job. I had to include the trunk picture because I didn’t have time to take my bike out and put it together before I left in the morning. It definitely adds a dimension of fun.

Anyone care for a ride?

Over the last couple of days, Redondo Beach has been blessed with hurricane force winds. The trashcans, in the alley behind my apartment, added an element of interest to my day.
Here’s a photo of my cute little Thursday morning abode. Someday, along with a new Gringo-mobile, we’ll invest in a more user-friendly tent. I am getting more efficient at the one-woman assembly. Still, every week I hope a knight in armour will valiantly ask to assist me. Maybe, I just need to move my abode to Disneyland. Mickey likes whole wheat tortillas, right?

This week, I changed the set-up a little bit and also added more signs.

Until we get a printed vinyl sign, the acrylic paints and posterboard are very unique.

This metal beverage basket turned into a nice way to display the wraps and pomegranate juice.

I used my Union College business degree to the max through the promotional pricing strategy of whole wheat tortillas and veggie wraps: buy whole wheat tortillas and receive a dollar off the price of a wrap. Thanks Union College.
After clean-up and moving everything back into the garage, the market day ends at about 2:30p. Today was enjoyable, even though it was a bit treacherous towards the last due to the gale force winds. Thankfully, the tent didn’t experience lift-off, which is always a plus. I’m looking forward to next week being just as positive, minus the wind, plus more customers.