>I glance at my watch. Ughh, two more hours. Looking up, I chirp, “Would you like to try a whole wheat tortilla? They’re really good!” I’m like a song on repeat. That favorite song you unintentionally over play. Fantastic at first. Gets a little annoying after the nth play.

Sometimes they look at me and say “No, thanks.” Sometimes they pretend I’m not there. Sometimes they think I say “Holy”, and look at me with questioning eyes. Maybe “Whole” and “Holy” are interchangeable when a tortilla tastes this good.

I’ve developed a love and loathing relationship with Farmer’s Market. I look forward to the social interaction. I like when people say, “These tortillas are so great!” I like that people are coming back every week for “their” tortillas. I like that I am part of this business. I like feeling like I have a purpose here.

On the other side of the coin, I have to get used to letting the “No’s” go. Sales trainers say that one needs to be excited about each no cause that means one no closer to yes. I’m working on that excitement level. The gurus also tout putting a monetary amount to the No and mentally say, “ChaChing! Thanks for the no cause I just made money off of you.” Right now, my thought process follows the path of, “Please! Can I just beat last weeks sales?”

I had a certain amount of “Yes-es” I wanted today, and I didn’t get em’ all. But, I did receive some. There are a handful of households in the Southbay that will be enjoying their first Created Whole tortilla dinner tonight. Cheers to that! It didn’t rain today, and it was supposed to. Another plus. I made it through another market alone. Sigh of relief. We got our health permit for the next quarter. Fantastic! And, I’m given another week to prepare myself for all of next week’s…