>You know that game people play at parties or family-get-togethers where you guess how many jellybeans are in a jar? Well, how bout’ a little twist on that game…

How Many Tortillas Can a Flight Attendant Fit in a Rollerboard?

This is the actual image of my little Briggs and Riley rollerboard chalked full of Created Whole Tortillas.

So, for all of you tortilla lovers out there, this is the task:

  1. Take a guess of how many Whole Wheat Tortillas (just tell me how many dozen) were in this suitcase
  2. Email your guesstimate to createdwhole@gmail.com, along with your address.

The person that either hits the number right on, or is the closest, will recieve 2 dozen Created Whole Tortillas FOR FREE!!!!

Rules include:

  1. Tell all your friends
  2. 1 guess per person
  3. Guesses must take place on or before, April 1st, 2010. Winner will be announced April 2nd!
  4. There will be only 1 winner so if more than one person has made the same numerical guess, the email that was received first will be taken.

Have fun!!!