>By: Kara
Yesterday, I had the day off. That means that my co dependant cell phone relationship is broken for 24 hours, I venture a little farther away from LAX, and I’m not obsessed with checking the company website every five minutes to see if I am scheduled to fly. Instead, I spend my day hiking in West Hollywood, riding my bike around Redondo, do some blogging, and tortilla promoting.

The promoting count this week includes handing out about 5 sample packs. On Thursday, a pack went to The Green Temple, a vegetarian restaurant in the Riviera Village of Redondo. Still waiting on the outcome of that one. Yesterday, one went to Planet Earth EcoCafe in Hermosa Beach. Another wait. And another sample pack was intended for the Hermosa Beach Market Manager.

I knew the answer before I even asked the question about becoming a vendor at the Hermosa Beach market. The crossed arms and scowl on her face were already telling signs of a big “NO.” I’m not even sure the words that came out of my mouth because instead of thinking about what I am saying, I’m only think about how this is not going well. I’ve talked with her before. This time she tells me, “I already have someone who sells tortillas.” I asked if they make them fresh. She says that the vendor buys the tortillas from a store. Then I ask her another question, “So, what did you think of our tortillas.” “They are great! There’s no question about that!” I walk away thinking that she makes no sense. We are great, and she knows it. Win for us. She doesn’t want a great product at her market? That’s a little strange.

My first reaction is to feel a little angry and frustrated. Then I am struck by the thought that it’s not about the markets. What really is our goal with our tortilla company? To be in farmer’s markets? NO! The farmer’s market is simple the vehicle to take us to our bigger goals with Created Whole. Maybe the Hermosa Beach market is not the market that will reach the crowd that could catapult us into stores like Whole Foods and Trader Joe’s. Our success is not dependant on one market manager telling us no (And it’s only no for now).

I am reminded again that it’s not about the market. It’s about focusing on the long term goals during the short-term ups and downs. It’s about staying committed. It’s about hearing the part about our tortillas being undoubtedly AMAZING, instead of the no. It’s all about majoring on the major, meaning focusing on what counts.