Last Thursday was an eventful day. It marked Brenda’s return home from Skywest flight attendant training. Her month of training was filled with long days, typically 10- 12 hours. With only two days, off over a period of 24 days, she was excited to be through the rigourous training. When asked what she wanted to do with her week off before she leaves for her Denver base, all she said was, “sleep.”

Some people may think it’s a little crazy to become a flight attendant after you’re already a “Grandma.” Brenda is just hoping that now she’ll get to fly to Alaska more often to see her cutest granddaughter in the world.
Now, all of us fly in some way or another. I think Tim and Bryan were the two that planned on it, and Brenda and Kara stepped into it on a calculated, well thought out, whim. Either way, here we are, all taking flight.