A common question you guys ask us is, “How did you come up with the idea of starting a whole wheat tortilla company?” Well, besides tortillas being a 6 billion dollar a year industry, read on, and you will find out.
Brenda started cooking healthy meals long ago. It’s a known fact that she made Vegan “hot” and Carob “cool.” Obscure health foods that one can now easily find on every grocery store shelf were staples in the Mulder household back in the 80s.

Trendsetter Brenda, whipping up a concotion in some nice duds

Tim was all about having a healthy lifestyle. Fresh air, exercise, water, rest (can we emphasize REST?), and nutrition. He too, helped in the kitchen. Tim and Brenda made a great team!

Jumping for en-JOY-ment:)

When Tim was growing up, he and his older brother, Steve, would have burrito feeds. Tim and Steve love burritos. When they were in high school and college, they would go to Taco Bell and each would order 1 of EVERY item on the menu. (The menu was a lot smaller back in the day, but still…)

Since Tim is a thinker, he figured if he created the MOST amazing, BEST tasting tortilla in the WHOLE world, he could have all the burritos he would want for the rest of his life.

What Tim looks like when he thinks

And that’s the shortened version of how the dream was born in the little agricultural farm town of Shafter. Nothing compares to Shafter, and nothing compares to 100 percent whole wheat, Created Whole Tortillas.

California Dreamin’ in Shafter Paradise:)