>The New Year has once again inspired us to take Created Whole Tortillas to a whole new level. This week we have been working on a press release that you can read by going to Bakersfield Life Online.

Also, a really exciting development for us is being part of the Redondo Beach Farmer’s Market. Starting next week (if we get our LA county health permit by then) we will be a regular fixture.

Kara had talked to the manager of the RB market over a month ago, and at the time, the manager did not have a space available. Just this morning Kara decided to contact her again coming from a bit of a different angle. When people try the tortillas, it’s assumed they will love them, so Kara took a pack to the market today to give to the manager. Kara talked briefly to the manager, gave her the tortillas, and Kara said she would be in touch in two weeks. Well, not even 4 hours later, the manager calls and says, “We have a spot for you, and you can start next Thursday. Your tortillas are great by the way…”

See you in Redondo Beach:)