>Hey Friend,

Wow! Has it really been since July that we have posted some news on the blog? We are still excited about our vision with Created Whole. Right now we are in a season of decision making on how to proceed to build a successful company. Changes are happening at the bakery which may change production for us. We remain unworried and unfazed. Change can bring so many blessings. One must just be willing to adapt and accept the changes. I’ve been thinking a lot recently about where to take our baby company in 2010 and beyond. There are multiple answers to that question, and we will need to take some time to more thoroughly explore the options.

Tonight I read Jeremiah 29:11-14: “For I know the plans….plans to prosper…plans to give a hope…plans to give a future.” For 2010, I’d like to claim the prosperous promises and apply to my life as well as the life of the company.

Happy Holidays,