>Many apologies for not keeping the die hard Created Whole Tortilla fans updated. Here, dear friends is the Cliff Notes version of what has been happening with the company:

1. Soquel Campmeeting- Spent 10 days sampling Created Whole Tortillas. Tasters found the tortillas great paired with Soy Curls. Yum!

2. Currently, Created Whole is offering Free Shipping for orders. Go to http://www.ordertortilla.com/.

3. Over the past month of Kara’s new job as a flight attendant, she takes sample packs when she flys. The flight attendants and flight crew LOVE em’! She’s realized that she always needs to be ready on reserve days with her uniform pressed and her tortillas in hand:)

4. Tim has been perfecting the website, coordinating production, and working on vendor agreements so that you can have Created Whole Tortillas at a store near you!