>Right now, I (Kara) am blogging on assignment in Las Vegas Nevada wishing that I had a whole wheat tortilla to munch on. I’ll be missing the fresh goodness of whole wheat tortillas while I’m away in flight attendant training. My consolation is that perhaps I can get a mail order (hint hint Tim:).

Apparently, tortillas are a hot commodity these days. The positive response during sampling events has been awesome! We are so excited that you think the product is as great as we do. But there is one thing that I am consistently hearing. When people taste the tortillas they first say, “This is REALLY good”, followed up with, “You know what would be good with this…,” and then they fill in the blank. And what diversity! Some people want a peanut butter and banana wrapped up in our whole wheat tortillas, or cream cheese with some veggies, or put some refried beans in it for a burrito.

My question is, How do you like to roll a tortilla? What’s your favorite way to enjoy eating a tortilla and what do you like to put in it? I’d like to get your recipes and add your ideas to the blog posts and the up and coming website: http://www.createdwhole.com/.

Happy Rolling!