> By Tim Mulder

I can’t believe it! I am so pumped! We just conducted a major market survey of some competitive brand tortillas, and I was completely blown away at the superiority of our product! I guess I have become so accustomed to the great flavor and texture of our flour tortilla that I didn’t realize how awful the other brands actually taste. One competitor product was so dry and hard that it tasted more like cardboard than tortilla. I am not only saying that because of my bias, but you too would say the same with one taste of our whole wheat tortillas. This new product will make other tortilla brands obsolete. Our tortillas our so wholesome and the ingredient list so simple that a first grader could read it in just one breath.

Also, we are closer to a business name that is soon to launch the world’s best tasting commercial brand of whole wheat flour tortilla. We are leaning toward the business name of Created Whole. We like this because our company is dedicated to bringing to market the very products that we for years questioned, “Why doesn’t anyone do it like this?” Since no one was meeting the needs of the consumer, we decided to jump in. Now, you will have a choice to select those foods that are wholesome, great tasting, and competitively priced. If we can’t make it better than the competition, then we will not make it, period. End of story.  This is not just a company, not just a tortilla, but Amy W. put it well when she said, “This is a movement!”

Get on Board!
Tim Mulder