>Many of my friends are at that stage of life where they are spending 9 months of the year making lists of names for a little munchkin; their new little munchkin. Of course they cannot let the little darlin’ pop out unnamed, or remain that way for too long, so they think up adorable names like Emma Joy or Andrew Chase. Inevitably, someone will ask the question, “Does Emma have a special meaning?” In our society, names have significance. Names create an identity and gift someone a sense of individuality. This is not only true for people, but also for companies. Currently, I have no need to make a baby name list, but I do find myself needed to name a significant and newly developing aspect of my life: a flour tortilla business. The experts say that a name can make one the talk of the town or doom it into failure and anonymity. KnowledgeWorx You Know! has compiled a list of companies and the origin of their names. It’s pretty interesting to think about how colossal giants like Google or Apple became identified. A friend, Jared C., came up with the name Unleaven Heaven: cute and catchy. Great for a blog name, but does it work for a specific product? Is it a great name for a whole wheat tortilla? Not so sure, but I’m feeling the pressure, because how does one launch a business without a name? One doesn’t. This is number one priority. This baby has to be named!

The question that you can help answer is:

“What would you name a 100 percent whole wheat flour tortilla?”

Here is a picture of qualities that we believe are inherent to our product.

We need a name for our tortillas! Give us your ideas!