>People inevitably ask, “Why do you want to, or why are you starting a whole wheat tortilla business?” This idea of selling homemade, whole wheat tortillas was birthed over a year ago, but due to timing and other pressing crises, the tortilla didn’t make it into the production stages. Over a year later, the tortilla is back at the forefront of the thoughts of my Mom, Brenda, Dad, Tim, and I (call us “The Three Amigos”).

We, The Three Amigos, stew over how to get this product to market, and during these conversations, I doubt, thinking, “We wanted to do this last year, so what is going to make this different this year? Why will it work now?” The fear brings on discouragement, and I question if this is really the route God wants us to take. Interestingly, I was reading my Bible, and I came across this passage: 2 Corinthians 8:10-12. I blinked a couple times, wondering if I had read the verse correctly. I was so impressed that God was speaking directly to me. He was addressing my fears, knowing my thoughts, and seeing my heart. He cares. Not only about this tortilla venture, but about all ventures.

From the research we have conducted, we are confident that this business will be successful for many reasons, some of which include the following: